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Our Classes

Lil Jammers Guitar Class, ages 9-11


Our Lil Jammers Guitar Class is a great place to start learning the basics of Guitar and playing easy popular songs. It is offered to ages 9-11. Students that are 9 yrs old are recommended to start off with our Introduction to Guitar Workshop which is offered at various times throughout the year.

Adult Guitar Jam Class, ages 17-adult


Our Adult Jam Class meets on Monday nights at 5:30-6:15 and is designed for adults that are able to play basic chords (am, C, D7, A7, em, E, E7, G, A, and D) and are looking to learn to jam with others. If you have trouble changing chords quickly or don't know all the chords listed, no worries! We have exercises that can help you get better at it! We play easy "good time" songs by great artists like CCR, REO Speedwagon, Eagles, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Bob Seager, and more. It is an easy-going and friendly atmosphere. If you are completely new at guitar, inquire about our private lessons and we will get you started.

Jam Class Extreme, ages 10-14


Our Jam Class Extreme is an ongoing class for ages 10-14. It is a great class to graduate into after learning basics on Guitar or Ukulele. Students get to play a variety of instruments, including Guitar, Ukulele, percussion, synthesizer, and more. They are also our main performance group with up to 4 performance opportunities per year.

Ukulele Specialty Workshop, ages 9-16


Our Ukulele course is a "Specialty" Workshop, meaning that is  a one month long starter course that is offered throughout the year offered on the basis of demand. It is offered to students that are ages 9-16. Once they have completed it, they can join our Jam class extreme if a seat is available.

Singer/songwriter Workshop, ages 9-16


Our Singer/Songwriter Workshop is ongoing as long as we have demand for it. It is offered to ages 9- 16. Students learn basics of Singing and fun and creative techniques for writing songs. It is "low pressure" so that our shy students can gain confidence in a friendly setting. This is one of our performance groups with up to 4 performing opportunities per year.

Teen Guitar Class, ages 12-16


Our Teen Guitar Class is offered to ages 12-16. Basic fundamentals of guitar,  popular songs, and basic scales are taught. It's a great way to get started and find your musical direction.

Specialty Workshops

Intro to Guitar (ages 6-8)

Introduction to guitar/music workshop is scheduled on a "by demand" basis. General music geared toward guitar is taught. Students learn basic guitar, hand drums, singing, and musical creativity. This workshop may be taken more than once in order to prepare the student for the next level, which is Lil Jammers class. 

This is a 4 week workshop for students, ages 6-8 (some exceptions) to help prepare children for regular ongoing classes. Students are evaluated and guided throughout the workshop so that they can be prepared for when they are eligible for ongoing classes. Eligibility is determined by whether the instructor feels the student is ready to move forward or not. Workshop students are recommended to take the workshop several times before being placed. It can only help them to be more prepared. Ongoing classes start at age 9 and usually have a waiting list, so please let us know if your child is either about to turn 9 or is interested in being on the waiting list.



We would be happy to enroll you or your child into our lessons. Call or text us at (337) 884-7031